Policing provides the opportunity for teamwork, which continually inspires and motivates.


Adonis Romero

I’m fueled and energized by the process and thrive in a collaborative environment.

On and Off Duty

On and off duty, I like to make it a point to interact with others. I welcome the chance to know about the projects and goals that people are working on. Individuals who bring their imagination to life set trends and influence today’s culture within their workplace and their communities.

Being a police officer motivates me to demand more of myself so that I perform well and contribute to others. I have never been perfect, but I strive to improve continually. While applying training, developing projects, and working them to completion alongside my coworkers, I find an opportunity to be of more outstanding service to my community.

The Sangre de Christos - Taos Mountain
The Sangre de Christos
Taos Pueblo Creek